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Windsor transit disrupted as mandatory vaccination policy for municipal staff takes effect

A small group of protesters were outside Town Hall on Monday as mandatory proof of COVID-19 vaccination went into effect for all City of Windsor employees, council members, contractors and volunteers which are not exempt.

In an afternoon press release, the city said the percentage of employees confirming vaccine status or approved accommodation had risen from 78 percent last week to around 91 percent as of November 15.

Even with the increase in the percentage of city employees confirming vaccination status or approved accommodation, the city said some services would still be disrupted and it was clear that Transit Windsor service needed to be adjusted.

The city said staffing issues at Transit Windsor will lead to service disruptions this week due to the large number of operations and maintenance workers deemed not to comply with vaccination policy, forcing the service to go through. from current full service to an improved Saturday. service model effective November 22.

“The service will continue, but there will be fewer rotating buses, and unfortunately delays are to be expected,” said executive director Tyson Cragg.

“This will not apply to additional school buses; these will remain a priority. We apologize for any impact and thank residents and passengers for their understanding. “

Runners are requested to check Transit Windsor website for updates and use the Transit app to get real-time arrival information.

protest against politics

One of the protesters at town hall, Stan Whittaker, who became a city worker in June, said workers were able to get vaccinated or not be allowed to work.

“This is a huge overstepping of the power of our employer,” Whittaker told CBC Windsor.

“This is something that shouldn’t happen. There isn’t even an accommodation available to us.”

Testing is a viable option for maintaining a safe workplace, according to Whittaker. He said other nearby industries and municipalities allow testing.

“We are very frustrated. Our union does not represent us as we should and that makes the whole fight more difficult because instead of fighting directly for our jobs as we should be with our union, we have to fight. our union first, “he said.

“We have no income now, Christmas is just around the corner… There are people in Windsor who are ready to stand up and fight this. It is not fair.”

Ron Lafferty says he waited until the last minute to get the vaccine “100% against my will”. (SRC)

Ron Lafferty said he received the first dose of a vaccine on Monday due to the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

“This is my first, today is the day,” Lafferty told CBC News.

He said he waited until the last minute and took the vaccine “100 percent against my will.”

He believes others who have waited so long to get vaccinated will end up doing so, given the risk to their job.

“People got to work, so they’re going to have to do it somehow, sooner or later. You basically have to do it.”

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