Municipal staff

Valencia municipal staff will wear environmentally friendly uniforms

Valencia municipal staff will wear environmentally friendly uniforms

Comfort will no longer be the only concern when dressing the civil servants of tomorrow

Valencia City Hall has launched a call for tenders for the creation of uniforms for its municipal employees with new requirements. Of these, clothing should be made using sustainable production processes and therefore environmentally friendly.

The contract for the supply of municipal uniforms has a budget of more than a quarter of a million euros and is scheduled to last two years, with a possible extension of three more.

Clothing should also be hypoallergenic

In total, the work uniforms will be provided to workers from around 40 municipal departments, including ordinances, inspectors, brigades, guards, drivers, protocol employees, technicians, music teachers and agents. health.

Resource Management Advisor Lluïsa Notario explained that the goal is “ensure the necessary uniformity so that the staff of the town hall can carry out their duties with sufficient guarantees, facilitating the homogeneity of the company’s image“. The board highlighted the application of sustainability criteria: “We have a clear commitment to deal with climate change and on the part of the administration we must be an example in this sense“.

Indeed, the objective of the Valencian authorities is to lead by example and demonstrate that sustainability is a solution that can affect even the seemingly mundane aspects of life, such as what to wear to work.

Companies will have to certify that the clothes are sustainable through labels that guarantee that they are quality products, free of harmful substances and produced with environmentally friendly production processes.

The wardrobe must also meet comfort requirements, with particular attention to finishes: seams, zippers, linings, finishes, etc. Likewise, the contract obliges the winning company to adapt the composition of the clothing to avoid health problems, such as allergies or hypersensitivity to different fabrics.