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Ukrainian Flag Will Fly at Houston Town Hall – Houston Today

Flag of Ukraine at the Houston District Office. (Photo by Angelique Houlihan/Houston Today)

Ukrainian flag will fly over Houston Town Hall

The council is also donating $1,000 to the Red Cross for Ukrainian aid

The Council approved the waving of a Ukrainian flag in solidarity with the Eastern European country currently under attack by the Russian army.

As soon as one can be purchased, the flag will replace the Houston flag at the municipal hall and will fly for three months, after which the council will decide on its next move.

At the same time, the council approved sending $1,000 to the Red Cross to support its efforts for the people of Ukraine.

The decision follows a letter from the city of Nelson asking other communities to match its own donation to the Red Cross.

This request stemmed from a March 8 motion passed by Nelson City Council.

The flag display request was first made in early March by local resident Marion Aerssens, but was put on hold while the council reviewed its flag display policies for flags other than national, provincial and municipal.

The only existing policy, adopted in 2011, relates to when flags should be flown at half-mast and refers to individuals starting with the Sovereign and working down to national, provincial and local elected officials.

Flags can also be lowered for what the policy calls a “significant event or circumstance.”

The council has now asked district staffers to seek out what may be updates to its flag waving policy for the council to consider at a later date.

Houston, like many governments, lowered its flags following the discovery of potentially unmarked graves on the grounds where residential schools once stood.