Municipal staff

Tension reigns as municipal staff demolish the perimeter wall of Ayyanna Patrudu’s house

A tense situation reigned at the home of former minister and TDP Politburo member, Ch. Ayyanna Patrudu, when municipal staff demolished the perimeter wall with a bulldozer, under the accusation that it had been built on a encroached land, in a pre-dawn blow, in Narsipatnam in Anakapalli district on June 19.

City officials reportedly issued a notice alleging that the former minister seized 2 cents of land belonging to the Department of Irrigation. Barricades were erected at the junction of the 5 roads and on the KD Peta road. The vehicles were authorized after verification. The family members tried to stop the officials from carrying out the demolition, but they were stopped by the police, who were on duty at the scene.

Mr Patrudu’s son Vijay said a NOC (No Objection Certificate) was obtained when his father was a minister. His wife Ch. Padmavathi alleged that the power supply was cut off in the early hours of the morning and demolition began without notice and under police protection. She lamented the destruction of property to settle political scores. Alleging that the YSR Congress government had been harassing them for three years, she felt they were being targeted because they belong to the BC community.

Meanwhile, TDP State General Secretary Md. Nazeer alleged in a statement that the YSR Congress government has repeatedly engaged in the policy of revenge against Mr. Patrudu as he “exposed the misdeeds of the state government”.

He also said that the YSR Congress government was jealous of the growing popularity of the TDP and added that the TDP would stand with the people regardless of arrests and harassment by the ruling party.