Municipal services

Symposium on “Strengthening Municipal Services through Technology and Management” organized

A discussion on “Strengthening Municipal Services with Technology and Management” was organized under the joint sponsorship of the Institution of Engineers (India), Jabalpur Local Center Jabalpur, Engineering College Alumni Association, the Practicing Engineer Association and the Institution of Rivers.

On the occasion, Mayor Jagat Bahadur Singh Annu as chief guest and Kamlesh Agrawal, representative of Municipal Corporation Jabalpur, President Rinku Vij attended as special guests.

Mayor Jagat Bahadur Singh Annu assured that the municipality will include the suggestions of all knowledge experts in the development works of the city, Narmada water for every house, good education for children and health clinics in every neighborhood in the city.

He said that by not widening the Municipal Corporation Shastri Bridge, from the top of the Shastri Bridge of the small line gate to Navbharat Press. A plan has been prepared for the construction of a new bridge, the approval of which has also been received from the government, so that the traffic load is also reduced.

Agrawal said the contribution of engineers is important in the development of Jabalpur, in which the role of the Institution of Engineers is important. By getting input from engineers, we will advance the development works of Jabalpur city.

Regarding the discussion in the program, Engineer Tarun Anand talked about the establishment of the first municipal corporation in India, the infrastructure and development works he carried out and talked about the problems encountered and their solutions.

The speakers of the program expressed their views on various topics such as health, education, road and road transport, environment, natural disasters, development of settlements, beautification of ponds, the waterlogging, etc.