Municipal government

Survey finds majority of residents of Stratford, PEI are satisfied with municipal government

STRATFORD, PEI — The majority of Stratford residents are satisfied with the community’s government, according to a recent survey released by the city.

The city received 1,018 responses to its annual survey released Wednesday. It revealed that 75% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the city’s overall performance.

When it comes to policing, 70% of residents feel that law enforcement does a good job of enforcing the law.

About half of residents felt that law enforcement responded quickly to calls, and 49% of residents said they were unsure whether the police responded quickly or not.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents felt their neighborhood had a lower crime rate than other areas of PEI, and 40% felt the crime rate was about the same.

Forty-four percent believe crime in their neighborhood has stayed the same, while eight percent believe crime has increased. Meanwhile, 6% felt crime had decreased and 21% of residents had no opinion.

Thirty-two percent of residents said they supported any type of active transportation infrastructure in their neighborhood, while 26% would prefer a multi-use pathway and 24% would like sidewalks.

Almost all, 91%, of respondents supported the city’s food truck regulations, with the majority of respondents supporting restricted hours of operation and location restrictions for food trucks.

The majority of residents, 71%, say the city regulates short-term rentals.

The full report can be viewed on the City of Stratford website.