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Residents of Joburg will pay more for municipal services from July 1 – SABC News

Residents of Johannesburg will pay more for municipal services when new tariffs take effect from Thursday.

Electricity, water, sanitation, garbage collection and property prices will increase on July 1.

The city of Johannesburg will increase electricity by 14.59%, real estate tariffs by 2%, water and sanitation by 6.8% and garbage removal by 4.3%.

Most of the increases are well above the rate of inflation.

Many people are already struggling to make ends meet amid the pandemic.

A retiree from Johannesburg says he receives a partial subsidy for water and electricity, but is forced to dip into his monthly social subsidy to keep the lights on and the water running.

“I have to pay for water and each time it goes up to a thousand rand when the declaration arrives. You must know, now we need R8000 again… they [have] to cut [off] water already, they say I have to pay. So I [took a] to lend [of] R1 500 and then I paid the municipal bill… it’s a puzzle how am I going to pay that [loan]. The R1 500 that I paid, I don’t even see that on the account [statement]. Electricity I have to see [that I pay], otherwise we [will] live in the dark, ”explains the retiree.

The video below reports on the city of Johannesburg’s plans to increase fares:

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