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Promotion of the SMU director of the current municipal staff | News

A promotion approved by El Campo city council on Monday evening fills the vacant post of SMU director.

Garret Bubela will replace Weston Davis for $ 95,000 a year, the council said in a 6-0 vote in the absence of District 4 Councilor John Hancock Jr. The promotion takes effect Monday, November 29. .

Previously Deputy Director of SMU, Bubela has been on staff since 2006, part-time 2013-2016 and at various times 2006-2008.

Bubela is also a registered nurse at the Matagorda Medical Center, where he will continue to work part time. He was an EMS instructor at Wharton County Junior College in the past.

The city has reportedly received two qualified applications for the post.

“I’m local, it’s about caring about community service,” Bubela said Monday evening.

City Manager Courtney Sladek said: “Garret has worked for the city for over 15 years in various capacities, we are now delighted to add the position of EMS Manager to this list.

“With Garret’s very impressive education, extensive experience, local knowledge and institutional background, Garret is a natural fit for this role. We are very happy with the direction Garret will take for the department and the future of EMS in El Campo, ”she added.

Finding more local paramedics to handle the ambulances and finding a company to bolster the prostrate collections will be among Bubela’s main issues as he takes the post of director.

The city already has pending requests for proposals for a new collection company.

Providing local training like an EMT program can be one answer to finding more local workers, he said: “We will have to see where the future leads. “

El Campo EMS operates as a mobile intensive care unit, the highest standard of care possible, with two full teams operating around the clock with a supervisor providing support at night and on weekends.

During the standard week, Bubela and Clinical Captain Anthony Scopel provide a third crew if needed.

The department works with four captains – Ana DeLaO, Jimmy George Jr., Darlene Giesalhart and Josh Laslie.

The department is currently looking for a full time EMT.