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Pilot project in Tampines so that only one contractor takes care of municipal services

The integration of services and the exploitation of technological knowledge and data should lead to better maintained neighborhoods.

Senior Minister of State for National Development Sim Ann announced on March 4 that a single contractor would be appointed to manage various municipal services in his new pilot project in the city of Tampines.

Before this announcement and according to current practice, the norm is that there are several subcontractors who manage various services.

“We also need to remove the structural barriers that prevent us from providing better services. One of those barriers is the provision of municipal services along agency lines, ”he said.

“This is why we are testing a new model of municipal service delivery in the city of Tampines later this year. This model integrates municipal services that are already outsourced by government agencies today around the needs of residents at the township level, rather than through agency and land boundaries, ”he added.

The pilot project will be a collaboration between the Municipal Services Bureau (MSO), the National Environment Agency, the Land Transport Authority, Singapore Police and other agencies.

The MSO said Tampines was the top choice for the pilot project because it is considered a mature state with a variety of municipal issues. The pilot will have two stages and is expected to last three years.

The MSO also listed the benefits of having just one contractor. One of the advantages is that the new model will be able to quickly solve municipal problems within a single city. Another advantage is that the services will be deployed more efficiently. This will be done by streamlining business processes and having workers trained to be versatile to make them flexible and ready to deploy across a wider range of business functions. It was also noted that locals will be offered more skilled municipal jobs over time.

As for the service providers, the advantage is that there will be economies of scale which will encourage them to invest more in better operational technological capacities. The outlook is that if this is achieved, improved services will be provided at a lower cost.

The main objective of integration is to have better maintained neighborhoods for its residents.

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