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Pateros LGU charges IT fees for city hall transactions – Manila Bulletin

The Municipal Government of Pateros imposed IT fees for various transactions, including business permits, real estate, and motor tricycle and operator permits.

To enforce the fees, the Pateros City Council passed City Ordinance 2022-18 amending the local tax code and adding computer fees.

The Municipal Government of Pateros will collect IT fees from people making transactions (Photo by PESO Pateros)
The different IT fees that will be imposed on different transactions to the Municipal Government of Pateros (Photo by Municipal Government of Pateros)

Under the ordinance, which was approved by Mayor Miguel Ponce III, computer fees will be collected from people making transactions. For business permits and licenses, a fee of 250 pesos will be collected in the first year and 350 pesos, 450 pesos and 550 pesos in subsequent years.

A P100 IT fee will be imposed in the first year on motor tricycle and operator permits, public market registration, local civil registry, engineering module and construction permits such as electricity, plumbing, excavation, architecture, civil and structural.

In property valuation, IT fees ranging from P75 to P375 will be levied in the first year depending on the size of the land in square meters.

The ordinance explained that under Municipal Resolution 10-2019 approved on March 29, 2019, City Council authorized Ponce to enter into a public-private partnership for the computerization of the Business Permits and Licenses Office, the Office of the appraiser, from the land transport office of Pateros, from the accounting. Bureau, Bureau of Treasury, Bureau of Human Resources Management, Bureau of Budget, Bureau of Engineering, Bureau of Procurement, Local Registry Office and General Service Bureau.

In September 2019, Ponce issued a certification stating OneDocument Corp. as the main promoter of the project.

In a letter sent in March this year, OneDocument Corp. provided City Council with a matrix chart of IT costs by transaction and by department.

“Since IT fees will be collected from Pateros stakeholders, and they are not specifically included in the tax code of this municipality, there should be an enabling order to effectively implement its collection . And that is the intent that this order sought to achieve,” according to the order.