Municipal staff

Orderly increase in municipal staff


Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Minister for Local Government, Elections and Rural Development, Faisal Amin Gandapur, has ordered the increase of municipal staff and the deployment of inspection teams to Peshawar to monitor development projects.

Gandapur said an integrated plan to recycle millions of tons of waste from all major cities in the province including Peshawar through modern technology is also being seriously considered by the provincial government for which resources and necessary sponsors are under consideration.

He said this while presiding over a meeting of Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Peshawar District.

The meeting discussed development projects of the Peshawar district and the performance of local bodies was also thoroughly reviewed.

The meeting, held at the Peshawar Local Government Secretariat, expressed satisfaction with the pace of ongoing and new development projects under the Peshawar Water Supply and Sanitation (WSSP) , the four TMAs, the City Metropolitan Corporation and other local bodies.

It was decided to take concrete steps in this regard, including increasing municipal staff, deploying inspection teams and quality control to further improve sanitation and water supply services. city ​​water.

The minister ordered all municipal bodies to take warlike measures to speed up the pace of work on development projects in the city of Peshawar and improve the hygiene and sanitation situation in the metropolis provincial.

He clarified that in view of the coming of summer, not only all bazaars and highways but also streets and small mohallas should be kept clean and hygienic while modern scientific methods and machines should be applied. for this purpose so that the townspeople feel a pleasant change during Ramazan and Eid.

“These changes should also be visible to those coming to Peshawar from other cities,” he added.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 11and2022.