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Oak Bay awards contract for municipal hall renovation – Victoria News

Oak Bay has entrusted the renovation of its municipal hall to Aral Construction.

Aral outbid three other bids with the winning bid of $ 470,000.

Bids ranged from Gibraltar Holdings / Terian Ventures at $ 1.5 million to Traugott for $ 723,000 and Canpro at $ 510,000. However, project manager Dave Cockle explained that the Gibraltar / Terian offer may have had a hitch, as their final offer came in as a set of blank pages and could have had a lower number.

Oak Bay Town Hall Renovation of Oak Bay District to Vimeo.

This is part of a total of $ 1.3 million approved by council in the fall to renovate and redevelop the open town hall offices, stairs and offices that Oak Bay Volunteer Services currently occupy. and will soon occupy the Monterey Recreation Center.

Oak Bay Town Hall in the 1950s (Oak Bay District video screenshot)

“[This will help staff] continue to operate in this building and make decisions about other buildings in the municipality that need to be renovated or updated, ”said Cockle.

Oak Bay Town Hall has not undergone any interior renovations since the 1980s, and some furnishings date from the early 1960s.

Engineering and public works director Dan Horan noted that staff are crowded in some areas. A staff video shows a series of deteriorating devices in the town hall.

“The idea with the reno is to update the workspaces and rearrange the layout to fit in as many people as possible while following modern workspace rules,” Horan said in the video.

The carpet in the main open area is stained and bubbling. The stair carpet is buttoned with steel rivets. The walls have cracks in several places due to water damage.

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