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Municipal Services of Decatur Prepares Roads for Snow | Best Stories

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Before snow fell in central Illinois, the Decatur Municipal Services Department was preparing to keep roads safe.

Preparations actually began long before showers were expected.

“We’re basically preparing in November and using our local weather forecasters combined with a service that we use to determine how many trucks we’ll be bringing in,” Byron Bowman, operations supervisor for Decatur Municipal Services told WAND News.

On Friday night, eight trucks will service the city’s 12 snow-covered roads, divided by miles of lane and traffic.

“The residences are the last to be completed. It makes people think there are trucks in their neighborhood. We’re – we’re here to pick them up,” Bowman explained.

Motorists will mostly put salt on Friday evening, hoping to prevent the roads from becoming too slippery.

“We want to get the salt out before the ice hits so he has something to stick to,” Bowman added.

If drivers are to be on the road Friday evening, you are asked to watch out for snow plows and slow down.

“If you can’t see their mirrors they can’t see you at all. So slow down, give the guys space and if you don’t have to be outside please, stay home,” Bowman said.

The department is fully staffed with plow drivers for the winter season. There are only eight drivers on track on Friday as the snow should be no more than a dusting of snow. However, they are prepared for the upcoming season.