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Municipal Services Committee approves $400,000 contract for water-saving awareness campaign – Pasadena Now

The Municipal Services Committee unanimously approved, on Tuesday, April 12, the $400,000 contract with local marketing company Pastilla Inc. for the development of an awareness campaign on the importance of saving energy. water to ensure sustainability and the actions needed to build climate resilience.

The contract will be effective from fiscal year 2022 to 2025.

As requested by the Pasadena Water and Power Department, the campaign aims to advance the goals of the 2020 Water System and Resources Plan (WRSP), which prioritizes conservation, increasing local supply water, restoring and protecting a resilient watershed and a sustainable groundwater basin.

Planned elements of campaign communications materials will include deliverables such as bus shelter posters, streetlight banners, brochures and utility bill checklists.

“Using a full range of media, PWP plans to not only reach more of our customers, but also reach customers with multiple views, reinforcing the campaign message and creating greater impact,” it reads. in the PWP report.

In addition to providing a comprehensive water awareness campaign, the contract also requires Pastilla Inc. to create a community education and communication strategy on water issues impacting Pasadena and the region.

Funding for the campaign will be provided through the use of existing and future budget appropriations from the Water Operating Fund, Other Contractual Services Account.

It is expected that approximately $85,000 will be used for the current fiscal year. The rest of the costs will be spent in subsequent fiscal years, according to the staff report.

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