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Letter: The job of the city administration is to serve the public

“It is not the city’s role to cut back on public services to protect certain businesses from competition …”

I was intrigued and disappointed by [Powell River] Mayor Dave Formosa’s arguments against the expansion of the Zunga bus service which were based entirely on the impact it could have on the taxi industry [“City of Powell River delays Zunga Bus expenditures,” June 8].

I would expect the City of Powell River’s provision of public services to be driven by factors such as the need for the services, their usefulness to the community, their affordability, and value for money for taxpayers. It is not for the city to cut back on public services in order to protect certain businesses from competition, and it is even more disconcerting that the mayor is publicly fighting for a company with which he has a personal connection.

Should we immediately cut funding for the Powell River Recreation Complex because of its competition with the city’s private fitness companies? Maybe the Willingdon Beach campsite should be reimbursed due to the private camping companies. The public library, too, undoubtedly reduces the commercial prospects of the city’s bookstores.

The job of the municipal government is to serve the public, not the taxi industry. It is unfortunate that the mayor of Formosa does not seem to care about citizens who take advantage of on-demand public transport as a more affordable alternative to taxis to get to shops and services.

Rishi Maharaj, Harvie Avenue
Powell River

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