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Houston District Council plans to raise Ukrainian flag at city hall – Houston Today

In Burns Lake, staff from the Village of Burns Lake (VBL) purchased a Ukrainian flag and are currently flying it at the VBL office to show their support. (Photo by Eddie Huband/Houston Today)

Houston District Council plans to raise Ukrainian flag at city hall

But decision deferred until it meets again on March 29

The Houston District Council has yet to decide whether to purchase and fly a Ukrainian flag in support of Ukraine, which is under massive attack from Russia.

Following a request made by Marion Aerssens, the board decided on March 15 to postpone the matter to its March 29 meeting, when it will discuss the request again given its current flag flying policy.

This policy, as it currently stands, indicates that flags may be lowered as a sign of mourning.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Aerseens said of his request.

“I am optimistic that the board will agree to pilot a [Ukrainian] flag. I’m hopeful,” she said.

The issue of flying a flag to signal a specific issue was last considered by the council in the summer of 2021 and that was when potential graves were discovered at the sites where boarding schools once stood.

Council then agreed to erect a fourth flagpole and fly an “Every Child Matters” flag, a proposal stemming from a moving notice from Mayor Shane Brienen.

This has not yet taken place and is pending contact with local First Nations to obtain their permission.

The district, however, lowered its flags at half mast during this time.

Other local governments across Canada are already flying Ukrainian flags or adopting similar methods to show their support for Ukraine.

To the north, Prince George is one such community, as is Burns Lake.