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Guangdong Hydropower: Sign strategic agreements with Wuhai municipal government, etc. the total investment of the hydrogen power development planning project is expected to be 16.8-18.8 billion yuan

finance, Health care, Technology 15 Feb 2022 19:19 (GMT+8)

Guangdong Hydropower announced that recently the company signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Wuhai Municipal Government and Xingbang Technology. Investment in the hydrogen industry chain mainly includes: the construction of two carbon-neutral hydrogen industrial parks (Fengguang Green Hydrogen Production, Storage, Transportation and Processing Industrial Park and industrial hydrogen fuel cell engine and its main components); Wuhai municipal government, Xingbang technology and the company jointly introduce central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and social capital, jointly establish a hydrogen energy green financial services platform, and plan to invest 2 billion yuan to improve the hydrogen energy industry financial service system. The hydrogen and power development plan will closely follow the integration and high standards, and complete the implementation of the overall industrial chain in three years, with an estimated total investment of 16.8 to 18 .8 billion yuan. The project is expected to form 10,000 sets of hydrogen fuel cell modules, hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks, sanitation vehicles for public transport and other applications, and form hydrogen generation capacity and hydrogenation supply to meet the needs of 10,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.