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Gary Chmielewski appointed new director of municipal services in Bayonne

The appointment was on the agenda of the Bayonne city council meeting on October 13.


The appointment was on the agenda of the Bayonne city council meeting on October 13.

Gary Chmielewski was appointed by the mayor of Bayonne James Davis to fill the vacant post of director of the municipal services department.

“Gary Chmielewski is well prepared for his new role as director of the Department of Municipal Services,” said Davis. “He has twenty-four years of managerial experience with the City of Bayonne, dating back to 1997. Gary has served as Management Specialist and Director of Public Works. He is a hard working local government professional with extensive knowledge of many community issues. I look forward to continuing to work with him in his new role.

The post has been vacant for weeks since former director Tim Boyle stepped down on September 24 at Davis’ request over unspecified allegations. However, the Bayonne Community News learned that Boyle’s exit came after he illegally recorded a conversation he was not a part of between other city officials, including Rich Bielinski, Maria Kaniewski and the administrator. commercial Melissa Mathews. New Jersey state law requires a party’s consent when recording a conversation, which means someone can record a conversation as long as they are a part of it.

A resolution approving the appointment of Chmielewski as the new director of municipal services was on the agenda for the Bayonne city council caucus meeting and is expected to be formally approved at the regular meeting on October 20.

The meeting will be held in the Council Room at City Hall at 630 C Avenue at 7:00 p.m. Residents can attend in person or virtually. For more information, go to and click on the event on the calendar web page.

Long-time employee

Chmielewski is not new to working for the city of Bayonne. He has been working there since 1997, as head of the Quality of Life Office.

In 2007, Chmielewski was appointed director of the public works department where he served until 2018. Then, in November of the same year, he resigned due to health problems and the municipal councilor of the first quarter, Tom Cotter. , resigned from the board to take his place as director of DPW.

Since then he has worked for the city in various roles, including that of management specialist. Chmielewski oversaw residents’ complaints about garbage and property maintenance, and managed playgrounds and public facilities, while overseeing various contracts.

Ironically enough, Boyle was first appointed to the post of director of the municipal services department at the same meeting in 2018, when Chmielewski resigned and Cotter was appointed in his place.

Chmielewski will now take the reins of the Department of Municipal Services, already in force since October 8.

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