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Friends, City Staff, and Lake of Bays Council Members Excited As Alabama Firefighters Return With “New” Fire Truck

Pictured: Lake of Bays Mayor Terry Glover and Councilors Jacqueline Godard and Rick Brooks check out the new fire truck for Baysville.

It wasn’t Christmas, but it might have been like the new fire truck from the Baysville Fire Station stopping at Dwight at the Lake of Bays municipal office on the way back from Alabama.

People gathered outside the municipal office last Thursday, Sept. 1, to greet firefighters who flew to Alabama to bring the pumper back to Station 4 of the Huntsville Lake of Bays Fire Department in Baysville.

Screaming sirens, the fire truck makes a grand entrance. Lake of Bays Mayor Terry Glover welcomed the men.

The 2011 fire truck replaces the 1999 one, and Lake of Bays Mayor Terry Glover was eager to sound the “new” fire horn.

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