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Expansion to union council level, WSSP starts municipal services in Sarband

In accordance with the instructions of the provincial government to expand the sphere of services of the Peshawar Water and Sanitation Services (WSSP) to the union council level, the company has started providing municipal services within the Sarband union council. .

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 28, 2021): In accordance with instructions from the provincial government to expand the sphere of Peshawar Water and Sanitation Services (WSSP) at the union council level, the company has started providing municipal services within the Sarband trade union council.

The launch of WSSP’s services took place the other day in a ceremony in which MP Nasir Musazai, MPA engineer Fahim Ahmad and WSSP director general Dr Hassan Nasir inaugurated the launch of the operation.

A committee made up of WSSP officials and former locals was formed to identify the placement points for the waste containers.

Area manager Engr Turab Shah, while highlighting different aspects of the services, said: “If the inhabitants want to see their streets clean, they have to play their part by throwing litter at designated places”.

He also informed residents when people should take garbage out of their homes to designated points.

Hailing the company for its role in sanitation and water supply services, Engr Fahim said sanitation is a collective responsibility and assured the WSSP that residents will cooperate with them.

He urged the masses to keep their neighborhoods, especially the streets clean. “The perception that you are throwing trash everywhere and expecting WSSP to come and dispose of it is not going to work.”

He said shopping bags and non-biodegradable materials were extremely dangerous to the environment and farmland and urged the masses to pack them up and throw them away in designated places.

Citizen Liaison Cell director Muhammad Ismail said the company has also launched an awareness campaign within the union council to persuade the community to play their part in keeping their environment clean. He said an awareness campaign would be launched to make the masses aware of the waste collection schedules and their responsibilities in keeping their communities clean.

Based on the performance of the WSSP, the provincial government approved the expansion of its services to 23 other union councils. The company already provided water and sanitation services to 43 urban union councils. Now it will also operate in semi-urban and rural areas of Peshawar.

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