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Energy map to show use by municipal services too | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: One of the main objectives of developing an energy map for the city is also to take into account the energy consumed by municipal services.
The local body consumes a lot of electricity as well as fuel for the provision of services such as water supply, transportation for solid waste management, sewage management and storm water management.
The energy map data will be so granular that it will provide policy makers with a resource management tool at the individual building and municipality level and integrate energy data analysis. A large part of the municipality’s energy bills is the link between energy and water supply.
This trend is seen in major cities and towns in Gujarat as well as Maharashtra, according to a statement about the project on the Integrated Urban Model for Built Environment Energy Research (iNUMBER) website, a partnership between the Indian and British governments.
One of the main objectives of the project is to develop potential tools and procedures and integrate them into a national format to help cities reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future.
“We believe buildings have the potential to contribute to substantial energy savings. Going forward, government, academia and industry will actively seek solutions to achieve ambitious energy goals. said Rajan Rawal, Senior Advisor at (CARBSE).