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EFF promises to audit municipal staff skills if elected – SABC News

EFF chief Julius Malema said once the party was in power he would conduct a skills audit of all employees. Malema says this is to ensure that only qualified civil servants are employed by municipalities.

He was addressing dozens of EFF members in Inanda in Durban at the party rally ahead of next Monday’s local elections.

EFF is confident about a strong performance in the eThekwini metro. He currently holds eight seats on the board.

Malema also addressed issues such as the high unemployment rate, which in eThekwini stood at almost 37% between April and June of this year.

“You have to get a job based on your qualification. There is a position for those who have a matrix. There is a post for those with diplomas. When we take over in that municipality, we’re going to do what we call a skills audit to make sure you get the job accordingly. What are your qualifications? Why do you earn the salary of a graduate (when you) don’t have a degree? Get out! “

Malema reiterated his call for a graduate allowance as an income for unemployed graduates.

“We are making a call. And this call, we are going to formalize it in parliament. Anyone with a higher education qualification must find a job. If you can’t give them a job, you have to give them the graduate allowance. Because they can’t go to school for free. If we can’t pay people to go to school, no one will go to school. This unemployment of graduates will discourage our children from going to school. We want you to go to school, get a diploma and (and) find a job. If there is no work, they have to pay you for not giving you a job.

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He also weighed in on Eskom’s current offloading, saying it was just a smokescreen to rig the election.

“There is something or a warning I want to give you; Eskom says there is going to be a load shedding. They are lying because they are preparing to steal the elections. In all the countries where they have stolen elections, for example in Uganda, they turn off. So, voters will go during the day. Wso it’s time to to count they’re going to turn off the lights and swap boxes.

The EFF is expected to end its campaign with a final mass rally dubbed ‘Tshela Thupa‘, which means ‘Wthe hip ‘, To Katlehong in Ekurhuleni this Friday.

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