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Doon 29th on the comfort of life index, scores poorly in the municipal services category | Dehradun News

Dehradun: Dehradun was ranked 29th among the 62 liveable and best performing cities with less than one million inhabitants in India in the 2020 ease of living index, which was released on Thursday by the Ministry of Housing and Human Rights. Union urban affairs.
Dehradun scored 49.81 against the national average of 51.38 for the quality of life parameter. The city scored 56.96 in the sustainability category, while in the comfort of living category it scored 29.82. The city’s score in terms of economic capacity was 6.65, while in the category of citizens’ perception it was 75.30.
In the municipal performance category, Dehradun was ranked 47th among 60 cities. In total, 111 cities participated in the ranking.
In the municipal index, Dehradun obtained the lowest score on parameters such as technology (6.79), services (38.92), finance (48.58), planning (53.73) and governance (31,32).
The municipal performance index is calculated taking into account the performance of municipalities on the basis of their defined set of functions.
The responsibilities of a municipality vary across a range of verticals that include arrangements ranging from the planning of basic public services to more complex services such as urban planning.
Apart from this, the report also seeks to capture the digital coverage of municipal services and the extent to which it enables its citizens to access these services.

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