Municipal staff

City staff throw trash outside a shopping complex in AP

Strange are the manners of municipal staff in Andhra Pradesh. Sometimes they behave with indifference towards taxpayers. It happened again within the limits of the Kurnool Municipal Corporation on Wednesday.

Kurnool Municipal Corporation tax collection staff threw trash in front of a municipal shopping complex as merchants refused to pay the trash tax. Although shopkeepers asked them to wait or give them time to sort out the matter with the authorities, the staff drove the garbage vehicle back from town and dumped the stinky garbage in front of the complex.

The AP government had imposed a garbage tax across all municipal and municipal corporation boundaries. They also distributed bins – three each – to each family and each store. Of the three bins, one is for wet waste, the other for dry waste and the third for surgical waste. The government has also introduced mini vehicles for garbage collection across the state.

After implementing these measures under the Clean Andhra Pradesh scheme, the government introduced the garbage tax ranging from Rs 20 per month to Rs 30 depending on the town and city.

The imposition of a garbage tax sparks widespread resentment, and taxpayers across the state are protesting. Traders and residents are also organizing demonstrations, while municipalities have started collecting the tax.

In the process, staff from the Kurnool Municipal Corporation began collecting taxes, which merchants in the commercial area objected to. Even as the shopkeepers wanted the staff to give them time to sort out the issue with the senior officials, the rude tax collection staff dumped the trash in front of the complex much to the chagrin of the shopkeepers.

However, in the end when the traders complained to the authorities, the municipal staff removed the garbage, breathing a sigh of relief to the traders.

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