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City Services Committee to Hear Details of City’s Compliance with Complex New State Organics Recycling Law – Pasadena Now

The City Council’s Municipal Services Committee will consider a report from the Pasadena Environmental Advisory Board (EAC) on the board’s assessment of the city’s current organics recycling program.

Municipal recycling efforts are changing rapidly due to the effects of a complex statewide law that must be enacted in phases, on a schedule that extends through 2025.

City documents said the Environmental Advisory Board review was “very supportive” of the current organics recycling program and made no suggestions regarding the ordinance passed by city council on May 14. march, designed to align the city with new organics recycling in California. right.

The city’s organic recycling program was made official by the city council in March after it passed an ordinance to bring the city into compliance with California’s organic recycling law, SB1383.

“SB 1383 requires jurisdictions to expand organic waste recycling, reduce the amount of organic materials going to landfills, and thereby reduce greenhouse gases such as methane that contribute significantly to climate change,” according to a report from city staff from March. “SB1383 requires a 50% reduction in organic waste disposal by 2020 and 75% reduction by 2025. Under the new law, cities in California are required to provide organic waste collection service to all residents and businesses.”

“EAC members felt the city is well ahead of the curve in being one of the few cities in the region to comply with state mandate SB 1383 and provide organics recycling to all residential customers effective January 1, 2022,” the report said the Municipal Services Committee.

He added that the EAC also recommended that Public Works work with community organizations – such as churches, fraternities, sororities and public libraries – to improve education and awareness. He also recommended partnering with the City’s MASH (Municipal Assistance, Solutions and Hiring) program to complement the work of volunteers maintaining community composting centers.

In preparation for the opening of further Community Composting Centres, the Department of Public Works has already identified locations in each council district and carried out a site survey in each location to assess the potential impact.

The department also consulted with the local community for feedback and asked the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services to assess each proposed site, as composting centers should be located in city parks.


Upon passing the organic recycling program in March, the city council asked staff to bring the ordinance back to the EAC to discuss the organic program’s treatment options and ask if there were any recommended changes to the program. ordinance adopted.

In lieu of this directive, the Public Works Department presented the City’s Organics Program to the Environmental Advisory Board (ECA) in a memorandum titled “Climate Action Plan – Update”. on reducing solid waste” on June 14.

Program discussion included residential curbside organics recycling, home composting, community composting centers, commercial and multi-family organics recycling, and community outreach and education, in addition to the application of the Ordinance on the Recycling of Organic Materials, No. 7386, adopted in March.

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