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City Services Committee looks at the city’s long-term water bodies – Pasadena Now

On Tuesday, the Pasadena City Council Municipal Services Committee will take a closer look at the city’s 2020 Water and Water Resources System (WSRP) plan, a 25-year comprehensive strategic planning guide intended to succeed the 2002 water system master plan and 2011 water plan Integrated resource plan.

The WSRP is expected to reach city council for review on October 4.

Developed by the Pasadena Water and Power Department (PWP) in collaboration with a 13-member community stakeholder group, the WSRP 2020 provides Pasadena with a framework to assess future water supply programs and investments in infrastructure to ensure a reliable, safe and sustainable environment. the city’s water supply until 2045.

A report on the PWP agenda for the city council shows that the utility looked at six separate portfolios and identified one of them as preferred, based on the stakeholder group’s contributions and activities awareness campaigns carried out since 2019.

The Preferred Portfolio, identified as Portfolio F in the PWP report, recommends the implementation of a number of projects that would cost the city around $ 430 million through 2045 to meet the plan’s goals. The planned amount includes up to $ 250 million for repairs and replacements and for additional projects aimed at increasing the capacity and sustainability of groundwater, improving water supply systems and resolving uncertainties regarding l supply, regulation and demand, according to the report.

PWP said that between October 2018 and October 2020, they had six meetings with the stakeholder group, two public meetings in November 2019 and three meetings with the city’s environmental advisory commission. The utility also made a presentation at Pasadena City College and involved local high school students in the design of the portfolio.

A draft of the WSRP was posted on the PWP website in September 2020 and a final report was released last December for the community to view and comment on.

Regarding funding considerations, PWP said that some of the projects recommended under Portfolio F are already in the approved PWP Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget and that new projects will be defined and included. in future CIP budget recommendations.

Projects under the WSRP that are approved by city council may be funded through a combination of tax obligations, federal and state grants and loans, funding from current customers, and capital reserves. Part of the funding will also come from capital improvement fees (CIC) that PWP customers pay as part of their regular water bill, according to the report.

Tuesday’s municipal services committee meeting will be by videoconference and will begin at 4:00 p.m.

Community members can access the meeting via and on

Public comments can be submitted by

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