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City of Johannesburg launches e-Joburg portal for municipal services

The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has launched e-Joburg, an online portal that residents can use to access municipal customer services.

The portal will allow city residents to pay fares and submit municipal documents electronically.

“The e-Joburg portal is a new tool designed to provide smart municipal services in the most convenient way for the residents of Johannesburg,” Executive Mayor Mpho Moerane said in a statement.

The portal is part of the city’s long-term growth and development strategy.

“Inspired by our slogan – A World Class African City, the portal is a platform the city will build on to become Africa’s leading smart city,” Moerane added.

What you can do on the e-Joburg portal

Johannesburg residents and businesses can register for free on the e-Joburg website using their contact details and municipal account number.

Once they have added an account, they can pay municipal bills and select the preferred payment types to do so.

They can also use the portal to send requests or complaints to municipal authorities.

The website will keep track of all declarations from the time residents register there.

It will keep at least two years of history of statements and payments made on it.

In the future, the city aims to add an electronic meter reading tool. This will allow taxpayers to electronically enter their statements that the city can use to calculate billing.

“This means accurate billing and therefore further improvement in satisfied customers and increased payment levels,” said Councilor Matshidiso Mfikoe, Municipal Committee (MMC) member for finance.

The city also plans to introduce a low-cost WhatsApp feature in the next phase of the rollout.

Residents will be able to view their bills, make payments and submit meter readings on the instant messaging app.

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Featured Image: Unsplash / Clodagh Da Paixao