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Bhimdatta municipal government has no place to manage city waste

Bhimdatta Municipality in Kanchanpur has struggled with waste management issues for two decades. About 11 to 14 tons of garbage are generated daily in the municipality, according to officials of the local unit.

The municipality had issued several public notices in the past seeking five bighas of land to build a landfill. But none of the landowners in the municipality are willing to provide land for this purpose.

In the absence of a dump, the collected garbage is buried in large pits in the bazaar area.

“These rubbish pits are also full to capacity now,” said Ganesh Thagunna, an environmental official from Bhimdatta Municipality. “We need a long-term waste disposal solution.

The municipality, as part of the urban rural development program funded by the Asian Development Bank, plans to build a waste management center. The local unit has been trying to get the program started for three years but is unable to do so due to lack of land.

She even selected land in the Siddha community forest area for the construction of the waste management center. But the project failed to take off due to protests from local residents.

“The proposed site for the construction of the waste management center is not suitable. The local unit should research other possible sites. During the monsoon, floodwaters from the Chure Hills enter settlements inside the municipality, ”Yagyaraj Joshi, a local resident of Ward 7, told the Post. “The floodwaters will bring garbage to the streets. If such a situation arises, we will be displaced from the region. ”

Gorakh Bahadur Singh, the chief engineer of the project implementation unit of Bhimdatta Municipality, said concerns and protests from local people left the construction of the waste management center in limbo. .

“The municipality has been looking for land for waste management for 20 to 25 years. But he failed to find a location acceptable to everyone, ”Singh said.

According to Singh, at least 25 hectares of land are needed for the construction of a waste management center in the area.

“To reassure local residents, the municipality has organized numerous observation and awareness-raising visits. More than 300 local people living in areas adjacent to the proposed site were taken to visit other landfill sites to make them understand that the construction of such a site in their locality will have no adverse effect on residents or the community. environment, ”said Environment Officer Thagunna. “But the local population still has reservations, which is why the construction of the waste management center is still on hold.”

Municipality spokesperson Himal Bahadur Chand said the local unit will continue efforts to find a suitable landfill site.

“We will make an effort to coordinate with the local population and come to an acceptable decision,” Chand said.

About 36 kilometers of road network within Bhimdatta Municipality are currently being paved as part of the Urban Rural Development Program, but development works may be suspended if the local unit fails to build a waste management center.

“One of the conditions of the project investors is that the municipality gives priority to the construction of a waste management center,” said Chand. “Infrastructure development projects are also at risk of being affected if we cannot find suitable land to build our landfill site. “

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