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Beatrice BPW gives her opinion on Clean City Event, municipal services | Local news

John Grinvalds Daily Sun Editor

Beatrice’s Public Works Council met on Wednesday to discuss the Clean City event and the 2021 municipal service review.

Jason Moore, Director of Beatrice Street and Landfill, reported on the Clean City 2021 event, which took place October 4-6. The annual event offered free bulky item pickup to attendees who completed an application.

Moore said the total number of requests was down from the previous year.

“What these numbers also don’t show is that on the Friday before Clean City, we went down and cleaned out the storage container that was on the railroad property,” Moore said. “Before Clean City started, there were people dropping mattresses on the railroad property. They see the storage container that was completely full, they see it laying there and they’re like, ‘Hey, it has already started, “and they started emptying. And so on Friday we went and picked it up.”

Moore and Mayor Stan Wirth have expressed concern over abuse of the system and said they should continue to look for ways to address it. Moore said he thinks the Clean City event is overall positive.

“It’s been a good year,” Moore said. “We had no accidents, and we had no injuries.”

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Tobias Tempelmeyer, City Administrator, presented the Beatrice 2021 Municipal Services report, which are public services that BPW provides free of charge in Beatrice’s buildings and locations.

The total cost of municipal services increased by $ 13,270 from 2020, the first increase since 2016.

“The city has acquired two buildings in the past year which has impacted our municipal services,” said Tempelmeyer. “One being the fire station as it was under construction and the other being the new garbage building from which MARS is operating.”

Tempelmeyer pointed to other cost-increasing factors, including increased costs for the city’s library and parks.

That wasn’t all the escalation in costs, however. Switching to LED lighting has saved money, Tempelmeyer said.

“We are seeing significant savings in terms of energy costs and energy use, so that was a good thing for the city there,” he said. “We continue to make improvements to our buildings, to our facilities, making them energy efficient. “

The next regular BPW meeting will take place in the Town Hall conference room on Wednesday 15 December.