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Bayonne municipal services director Tim Boyle resigns after unspecified “allegations”

Bayonne municipal services director Tim Boyle resigned on Friday after “unspecified allegations about (his) actions” came to light, Mayor Jimmy Davis said.

In a brief statement Friday afternoon, Davis said that “upon learning of this matter, I requested the resignation of the Director of City Services. Earlier today, the director of municipal services tendered his resignation and I accepted it.

The statement does not mention Boyle by name and does not provide any details of the allegations.

A spokesperson for Bayonne could not be reached immediately for comment, and Davis said in his statement there would be no further comment “as long as this is a question of current staff “.

But on Friday morning, city affairs administrator Melissa Mathews accused Boyle of “illegally recording a conversation he was not a part of” in an email to other city officials.

In the email, a screenshot of which was obtained by the Jersey Journal, Mathews wrote that Boyle left his phone, which recorded audio, in the buildings department while she and others employees were chatting there. Mathews cited a New Jersey law that allows conversations to be recorded only with the consent of one of the participants in the discussion.

“Please know that I will report it to the appropriate authorities,” she wrote.

Mathews said she filed a police report, but did not comment further. It is not known if this incident led to Boyle’s resignation.

In April, Mathews filed a lawsuit accusing Bayonne officials – including Boyle – of sexist harassment, retaliation and promoting a “boy’s club” culture in the city.

Last month, a Hudson Superior Court judge dismissed Boyle, City OEM manager Junior Ferrante and former deputy business administrator Mark Bonamo of the lawsuit.