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A single contractor to manage several municipal services in Tampines as part of a new pilot project

SINGAPORE: In order to provide municipal services more efficiently, a single contractor will be appointed to manage these services in Tampines as part of a new pilot project.

Services include cleaning of public spaces, tobacco or litter control, park maintenance and bird management.

Announcing the pilot project on Thursday (March 4), State Minister for National Development Sim Ann said it would lead to better-maintained neighborhoods for residents.

Under current processes, different agencies have the work done by different contractors.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to move away from heavy reliance on the workforce, Sim said, adding that at the same time, the Municipal Services Office (MSO) also wanted to remove “structural barriers” that prevented it from delivering. better services.

“One of those barriers is the delivery of municipal services according to the agency model,” she added.

The pilot is a collaboration between MSO and six other agencies, including the National Environment Agency, the Land Transport Authority and the Singapore Police.

“The intended end state for this pilot is that it should no longer matter ‘what agency issue’ it is, as the joint operator will provide all the municipal services required on the ground,” said added MSO in its press release.

This would mean faster problem detection and resolution, as well as more efficient jobs, as some services can be consolidated.


Ground operations will begin at the end of 2021, with a call for tenders underway to appoint a contractor.

Tampines was chosen for the pilot because it is a mature area with a greater variety of municipal issues the new service delivery model can be tested on, MSO told CNA.

The pilot will be divided into two phases, each lasting three years.

In the first phase, the contractor will have to manage several elements – cleaning services, pest control, enforcement of offenses such as smoking and litter, as well as maintenance of minor infrastructure.

In the next phase, he will have additional responsibilities such as maintaining the greenery, managing animals and birds, monitoring waste at height, managing community noise and maintaining the park’s infrastructure.

Nonetheless, the agencies involved remain accountable for the results of this new model of municipal service delivery, MSO told CNA.

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Another key objective of the pilot project is to increase the use of “innovative, non-traditional” operating technologies such as data analysis, in order to reduce reliance on labor.

The pilot project is also expected to redesign municipal service jobs, for example through cross-training and upgrading of workers for “more sustainable operations”.

Ms. Sim gave the example of how workers inspecting municipal infrastructure for faults could be trained to spot pest problems as well.

“Over time, more skilled municipal jobs will be created for residents,” she said.

If the workforce and productivity upgrade initiatives work well and consistently, it would also reduce medium to long-term operating costs for industry and buyers like government, said. MSO at CNA.

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