Municipal government

Airbnb hosts and spinoffs fear impending red tape for Ottawa municipal government

Breadcrumb Links Local News Author of the article: Jon willing Release date : November 05, 2019 • November 5, 2019 • 4 minutes to read • Join the conversation Owner Alexander Yeuchyk is renovating a historic location on Cathcart to market it on Airbnb. Photo by Tony Caldwell /Postmedia Content of the article Alexander Yeuchyk […]

Municipal staff

The town’s lawyer said Moorefield’s neighbors “attacked municipal staff, slandered town volunteers and tarnished our processes”

An online petition against age-restricted housing in Huntington Turnpike has slandered the city’s volunteers and distorted the facts, according to city attorney Jim Nugent. “In a general sense, community activism is a positive thing,” Nugent wrote. “When people feel heard, they are encouraged and empowered. “ But the petition makes a host of false claims, […]